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Friday, December 03, 2004

movies movies movies

movie heaven! courtesy of my parents frequent trips to pirated dvd haven aka j.b. heh.

rediscovering the joys of the cinema. pure bliss. i love the seats at bugis and lido. so comfy!

white chicks - hilarious. side splitting hysterics. i was laughing so loudly my mummy came out of her room to stare at me. a must watch. definitely worth an $8.50 ticket.

immortal - very strange. some futuristic shit that amazingly centers on ancient egyptian gods. flying pyramid, horus, blue haired chick, humans procreating with gods, blah blah. weird, even for a weirdo like me. heh. (incidentally, the movie's opening in cinemas here on 30 dec.)

bride and prejudice - sweet. funny. enjoyable. typical love story kinda thing. worth a $6.50 ticket, maybe $7.50. but dont pay $8.50 for this.

princess diaries II - sweet. funny. even hilarious at times. love story. chick flick. need i say more? but its good lah. worth $7.50 cos i felt it was better than bride and prejudice. more comedic moments. heh.

shark tale - not as good as i expected. what a letdown. if i had a choice, i wouldnt even bother paying $6.50 to watch this.

yesterday once more (the new chinese one starring sammi and andy lau) - confusing. i still havent figured out the ending. but not that bad. forgettable, though.

ladder 49 - ah. this is one movie that really suprised me. i expected it to be really boring and draggy, but it wasnt at all! quite riveting, in fact. very touching, with abit of action thrown in through the fire fighting scenes. but the ending's so sad. made me all teary and sentimental and stuff. heh.

the incredibles - i didnt like it that much. really. and i dont care that everyone else loved it. it was so slow and draggy in the beginning. the animation wasnt incredible. storyline was nothing fantastically special. and they didnt show enough of jackjack! boo! towards the ending it got better, i suppose. when they started fighting and stuff. and i love edna! she's the coolest character in the movie, man. so funny! hee.

saw - oh wow. this is a definite definite absolute positive MUST WATCH. its so good! the twists and turns, the unexpected ending, the premise behind the plot, the genius of the psycho mind.. brilliant storyline, credible acting, shocks thrown in here and there for good measure.. i would gladly pay $10 to watch this. word of advice though - not a movie for the paranoid. heh.

and i still havent watched the forgotten. i wanna watch! people have been telling me its good. and there are only 3 scary/shocking scenes so i shouldnt be covering my eyes and ears that much. hee.

ooh! and bridget jones! and alexander becos its got angelina jolie. *drool* and without a paddle, for the three naked guys hugging scene. and national treasure, which is reportedly kinda like indy jones so it should be quite happening. and stepford wives! wayne! where's my dvd!

eagerly anticipating blade III. vampires, blood, gore, action, cool weapons. woohoo! and meet the fockers. heh. fockers. bwahahaha.

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