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Thursday, December 02, 2004

major update

wow. loooong time no update. where should i start?! oh dear.

well, i have straight hair now. after sitting in a chair for almost 5 hours and enduring leg cramps, butt cramps, back aches, yadda yadda.

yup! rebonding is a gift from God. or the japanese, in any case. heh. but its flat. sigh. i know. there's just no pleasing humans sometimes. we always find something to complain about. never contented. blah blah.

but i'm not complaining. not that much, anyhow. heh. at least i have straight hair now, flatness or no flatness. so much neater!


met jan last nite. went down to wow for a drink cos he was bored at home. made the poor boy wait for me at home for an hour cos i was watching singapore idol. heh.

almost everyone says my hair's nice. even the meanie, niki. which says alot, trust me. niki is MEAN. he takes great pleasure in "suaning" me. blehh.

frankie said i look like a nuclear warhead. wtf. but he claims its meant to be a compliment, cos he thinks nuclear warheads are beautiful. again, wtf?! heh.


taufik won! taufik won! yay! at least singaporeans have some taste. my anger at those singaporean voters who caused leandra to go and daphne to stay and who caused olinda to lose out to sylvester has been appeased.

taufik is good. he's got the whole package. looks, style, dress sense, stage prescence, talent, the moves.. and he can speak proper english!! i'm happy. :)


in case anyone's wondering, i didnt go for my second exam on the 30th. becos i didnt study. at all. eh, it was my birthday weekend. its a legitimate excuse! heh.

so now, i need to find $1000 to retake my last 2 subjects and my graduation project. damn. need sponsors!! help!!


arsenal got their ass whooped by liverpool! woohoo! pop the champagne! hahaha! happy happy happy. all hail neil mellor, wonderboy extraordinaire! stunning goals. stevie g really does make a difference to the team. my darling, my precious, my idol!

and liverpool beat spurs this morning. which means pool is into the final four. yay!how exciting! hee.

damn. i should have bet with niki. he was saying that pool would lose to spurs, by 3 goals. hahaha. how completely absurd! i was telling him that it was impossible, but i had no guts to make a concrete bet with him cos the stake was 5 month's worth of mcdonalds meals. crazy man. heh.

speaking of mcdonalds.. i got cheated by the mcdonalds guy at the outlet near my house! i ordered a large fries, but he only gave me HALF a packet of fries.

*grrrr* asshole. dickhead. poopoo head! eh, my fries are uber important. i think they should make potatoes a food group in itself. haha.

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