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Thursday, December 16, 2004

la la la la la

last nite was desmond and veron's wedding buffet / get together thingie at wow. and boy, did he get DRUNK. i didnt even know humans were capable of turning that red! such a bright, glowing crimson! bwahahaha.

DES & VERON : congratulations once again to you 2 lovebirds! all the best in your life together from here on, and of course, remember to help the singapore government "expand the population" ya?! we're counting on you 2 hor! hahahaha ;p


eat, drink and be merry. finally saw my dear hazey again, after so bloody long. hee.

HAZEY MEI : if you coming up to k.l. on saturday must call me ok? then can meet up and go shopping together! :)


popped over to this other karaoke pub in boat quay "cupid" for its official opening. must show abit of face lah. heh.


becos a fight / scuffle broke out. pushing, shoving, shouting, screaming. my goodness. so exciting. blehh.

there was this guy. i dunno what he was trying to do. he grabbed a glass (the short rock glass, i think.) and then he smashed it against the door frame and proceeded to.. i dunno what he did with it lah.

but please lah! who does he think he is?! sme big time gangster or something ah?! we were sitting there wondering why he bothered to break the glass. cos according to somebody "a glass smashed on a guy's face or head actually does more damage than stabbing with broken shards." hmm. true? dont ask me, man.

but as i was saying. we were sitting there wondering what this crazy young punk was trying to do. and we came to the conclusion that he was probably trying to act "sard". y'know, like breaking a bottle in true "gu wa zai" fashion. and he probably couldnt get his hands on a beer bottle so settle for a glass.

dumb arse. retard. bwahahahaha.

young kids nowsadays. tsk. all bravado. but i think "act sard" guy must have done some damage with his fragmented glass. cos there was blood all over the place! on the door, the floor, the stairs.. eeeeeee!

and then the cops came and we made our getaway. back to wow. heh.


oh. guess what else i learned last nite.

"there are 2 types of gays. they're called the KING and the QUEEN. the KING pokes. the QUEEN gets poked."

bwahahahaha! new terms! no more CATCHER and PITCHER or POKER and POKEE! now its so regal and sophisticated! royal names. heh.


thanks for your sweet attempts to protect me from the fight. and your promise to "beat up" people if i was harmed in any way by flying glass shards / rowdy kids / blah blah.

chivalry and gentlemanly behaviour is not dead after all! i'm touched. :)


leaving tonite for k.l. bags still unpacked. dammit!

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