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Saturday, December 11, 2004

just got home. went "mini" christmas shopping at borders earlier with wayne. which means i walked around the place trying to decide if there was anything i could get for anyone. and also means i was dropping lotsa "hints" to wayne about what i wanted.

well, so it wasnt really "hints". more like "eh, wayne. i want this. you can get me this for christmas." heh.

and then paul joined us and we travelled halfway across the world to ulu pandan.

and now i'm home again. was supposed to meet my dearest best pal, brandon, and sue for a drink. but i dont feel very well.

i've got a kinda tightness in my chest. which makes breathing slightly difficult. must be my flu from this morning acting up.

and i dunno why i'm so very very tired. i feel drained. exhausted. worn out. run down. no battery.

and i'm feeling moody. sigh. must be the dreary weather these days. i dunno. i dont even have the mood to booze. which, if you know me well enough, proves that something is seriously haywire somewhere.. i mean, i didnt even go out last nite! and i'm staying home on a saturday nite BY MY OWN CHOICE..

all i wanna do is crawl in bed and be alone, with my tv and my books.

so weird. think i'll just go sleep it off. hopefully it's better in the morning.

BRANDON & SUE : sorry for cancelling at the last minute. i really dunno what's up. just suddenly felt really crappy. sorry sorry sorry. hopefully, if you guys read this, you'll be able to understand..

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