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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

i'm backkkk

yesh. back from k.l. since sunday evening. have been too tired and too busy with unpacking and sorting and outings and more shopping and working to update.

and i dont have the mood to blog about my trip, but i shall do it soon. heh.

yesterday i dragged myself to work in the morning and got buried (as usual) under the insane thousand and ones things needing my very limited attention. bah.

i hate work pile-ups. especially when i come back from holiday and i'm all chirpy and happy and non-work-mood-ish and i have to WORK. blehh.


left work early cos i had to rush home and get ready for the xsjados gig at substation, which was at 7pm.

but i was still late. sigh. i'm an incorrigible late-ee. i cant help myself. time always seems to be working against me!

when i finally got to the substation, met jon and steph and wayne. and eugene and the xsjados hadnt even started playing yet. hee. we got in free, so at least the $5 i saved on entrance fee covered my cab fare down.

and then. they started playing. but only 3 songs. so short. and these young kids started "moshing" and throwing themselves at each other and banging and slamming and kicking.. they scared me. serious. so violent! they looked like they purposely wanted to hurt other people around them!

this really small, skinny, puny, fragile-looking lil guy got injured while moshing. i think he dislocated his shoulder or something. he was led away and then sent to the hospital. and then there was no more moshing for the kiddies.

we hung around for abit after that. but decided to leave for shopping. yay!

and i found out how strong eugene is. he managed to break open the cable-tie thingy around my wrist. and he made it look rather effortless, too! my my my. i dont think i know any of my other male friends who can break apart those things with just one or two tugs. impressive. heh.

took a bus to taka and popped by the xmas roadside stalls to get presents. then it was off to heeren. flash and splash where me, jon and steph got stuff.

went down to the bead shop. wanted to get some keychain thingies as gifts but so expensive!! its like $0.50/$1.00 a bead and they charge you $3.50 service fee just to string it all together! cutthroats! robbers! nincompoops!

jon offered to string them together for me but i decided to look around and see if i can get them elsewhere for cheaper so i dont have to bother him too much.

dropped by hmv, intending to get cds but its so bloody through-the-fucking-roof expensive! i nearly fainted from shock when i saw the price. so decided to try other cheaper alternative sources. damn these big conglomerates. they may have the selection but you pay through your freaking nose. bah.

and then we headed back to taka, for kinokuniya so wayne could get his comic. legs were starting to ache all around by this time.

walked to borders for more shopping. afterwhich, we walked all the way back up to somerset mrt for food at that hawker center place besides specialists. legs breaking. blehh.

good food. fried oyster is absolutely delicious. *slurp*

parted ways after filling our stomachs. the 3 went home. i swung over to boat quay for much needed boozing. alcohol. bliss! hee.


i think i seriously have leg muscles now. all that shopping and walking and standing over the past few days, in k.l. and back here!

badly need a massage.

and i think i need another holiday to recuperate from my holiday in k.l. help!

no time no time no time!

i wish i could just take one entire day off from work and do my stuff that i want and need to do.


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