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Thursday, December 02, 2004

the CRUELEST thing in the world

fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK. KNNBCCB. *please insert various swear words in numerous languages here* argh! i am officially going to kill myself now. GAH!

if i could bend my legs back far enough, i would kick myself in the arse. and then i would body slam the wall. and then i would hurl myself of a cliff. or a tall building. or run in front of a speeding car. or truck. better yet, bite my tongue off, rip my nipples and toes off, chop off my fingers, and die from loss of blood.

why? why, you ask? its so unfair! UNFAIR!

early saturday morning, after i revived from my drunkardness, eugene and niki asked me to pick 4 lil balls from a box. on these balls were numbers. so they could buy 4D.

the numbers i picked, in order : 5 3 0 6

saturday. observe the second prize.

sunday. note the first prize.

FIRST PRIZE. FIRST FUCKING PRIZE. thats a $2000 payout for $1 Big and $3000 payout for $1 Small. and my numbers came out. in exact order. FIRST PRIZE.

and i didnt buy. NABEH! there exists no swear word in any language to describe how i feel. frustrated doesnt even come close. try frustrated, to the power of infinity. ugh.

and niki and eugene didnt buy on sunday either. becos they bought on my actual day, saturday. and the numbers came out but jumbled up. so they thought that if it already opened on saturday, it wont come out on sunday. and they didnt buy. WHY NEVER BUY! at least i can get commission from you guys what! :p


now, excuse me please. i'm going to stab myself and die. bah. bah. BAH!

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