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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


ah crap. sick again. sucky. this is what happens when you try to be a smart ass like me and do one of four genius things.

a) refuse to carry an umbrella in rainy season becos its so troublesome and "auntie"-like

b) think that you are capable of travelling at the speed of light and thus able to outrun the rain

c) be deluded by the (false) hope that perhaps the rain will have the decency and courtesy to wait till you have arrived at your destination before unleashing itself

d) refuse to wait for the rain to pass or slacken and foolishly insisting on braving the downpour with the silly consolation to yourself that "its not that far to walk, what. only a leeeeetle bit. besides, if i walk fast, it'll be ok."

*sniff* aaah-choo! bah.

was sniffling so badly in the taxi to work today. eh. i'm sick. that gives me the right to eschew public transportation modes like the bus and mrt due to the fact that i might faint at any given moment and fainting in a bus or the mrt is so pai-seh. at least in a taxi there's only me and the uncle. and he can drive me straight to the hospital too! makes sense, right?!

anyway. as i was saying.

in the taxi today, the uncle took it upon himself to give me a super long droning lecture on "taking care of myself". sigh. blah blah blah. and all i wanted to do was close my eyes and sleep. but of course, i'm too nice to snap at him or fall asleep in his face or something along those lines to get him to shut the fuck up and leave me alone.

so i did what any sweet, angelic, innocent, nice lil girl would do. i smiled fakely, nodded my head at appropriate times and thanked him for his concern. and all the while, picturing in my mind how much i would like to reach forward and bitch slap the guy left right center upside down. heh.

ok. that was mean. i appreciate the fact that this total stranger feels such an affinity for me that he wants to pass on his family remedies and personal anecdotes and what-nots to lil ol' me.

but please! for heaven's sakes! i'm dying here! just leave me alone and let me get some bloody shut-eye. ugh.

and i can only remember 2 things about this conversation that took up 20 mins of my life.

i) he gave me the name of a medicine he claims has worked wonders for his sinuses and allergies

ii) he admonished me for baring my armpits. wtf?! according to him, baring your armpits leaves you susceptible to falling ill or catching cold or something liddat. (!!!) speechless.

sigh. and now, i have to get back to work. woe is me. the enormous pile on my table doesnt seem to be dwindling since i started my attack on it this morning at 10am. in fact, it seems to be growing. and soon i think it's gonna engulf my table and me. ugh. dammit!

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