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Friday, December 31, 2004

another year gone by..

well well. we have all survived another 365 days - for better or for worse.

its come to that time again - for reflections, memories, and of course, RESOLUTIONS.

although why most of us even bother with making silly resolutions when we know damn well that we'll never keep them for long and will inadvertently end up breaking them sometime soon into the new year.

but, what the heck, eh?

i can always try to keep them this time round - at least for a month or so. heh.


1) i will be less slothful

2) i will start taking public transport (buses / MRT) whenever possible - especially to and from work

3) i will come to work on time

4) i will save money ($10 a week? $100 a month? start small lah.)

5) i will spend more time with my friends

6) i will sleep early whenever i can

7) i will cut down on my very harmful habit of smoking those damn cigarettes

8) i will cut down on my less harmful but still quite bad boozing

9) i will try my darndest to stop pushing those buttons - even though i know full well what those buttons are and it gives me sadistic pleasure in pushing them

10) i will keep my resolutions

there. done. doesnt sound that bad, right? should be a cinch to accomplish.


but i will still try. wish me luck everybody! i'm gonna need it, badly.. heh.

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