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Friday, December 24, 2004

12 hours to christmas!!

phew! finally finished sending out my christmas greeting emails. isnt the internet wonderful? now we dont have to spend money on paper cards anymore! hee.

i think the mobile phone network is severely jammed. congested. what is the matter! i spent 10mins trying to send a message! kept getting "unable to send message. pls try again later." grr.

and last nite i messaged people but some say they never got my message! and nigel claimed he replied my message but i never got it. and janson said he didnt get eugene's reply as well.

tsk. this is one reason i dont like holiday seasons. all this congestion on the phone networks! its silly. and so inconvenient! blehh.


hung out with eugene, jan, nigel, lester, kennie and eugene's cousin praveen last nite, at wow. passed everyone their christmas presents.

the guys proceeded to open their pressies on the spot! tsk. you're supposed to wait for christmas day!!

drink drink drink. drunk drunk drunk. i think quite a few people got happily high! myself included, of course. hee.

and the guys were bullying me becos i was the only female among them. and i didnt have "protection" last nite. (go figure. heh.)

these people treat me like i'm a MALE. what's up with that?! i have BOOBIES, y'know. blehh. haha. but its ok with me lah. i'm not that big a girly-girl anyways. and its much FUNNER this way! ;)

lots of rubbishy talk flying about. silliness. and drunken talk. quite verily amusing! but serious opinions were exchanged at some point.

is it true that drunken people speak the truth?? that alcohol loosens tongues? i dunno. but i do know that alcohol softens inhibitions. whatever that means. :p

thanks for the "love life talk" last nite, guys. its good to know that despite all the bullying and teasing you guys heap on me, you still care (even if its just a teeny weeny lil bit. or maybe it was just the alcohol talking, aye? heh.)

its very much appreciated. honest! and remember your promise to bring me out! :)


its christmas time !

a time for giving and nice-ness and loving and joy and fun and laughter and excesses!

so this christmas season, lets all indulge ourselves!

go forth and be merry!!


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