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Friday, December 31, 2004

another year gone by..

well well. we have all survived another 365 days - for better or for worse.

its come to that time again - for reflections, memories, and of course, RESOLUTIONS.

although why most of us even bother with making silly resolutions when we know damn well that we'll never keep them for long and will inadvertently end up breaking them sometime soon into the new year.

but, what the heck, eh?

i can always try to keep them this time round - at least for a month or so. heh.


1) i will be less slothful

2) i will start taking public transport (buses / MRT) whenever possible - especially to and from work

3) i will come to work on time

4) i will save money ($10 a week? $100 a month? start small lah.)

5) i will spend more time with my friends

6) i will sleep early whenever i can

7) i will cut down on my very harmful habit of smoking those damn cigarettes

8) i will cut down on my less harmful but still quite bad boozing

9) i will try my darndest to stop pushing those buttons - even though i know full well what those buttons are and it gives me sadistic pleasure in pushing them

10) i will keep my resolutions

there. done. doesnt sound that bad, right? should be a cinch to accomplish.


but i will still try. wish me luck everybody! i'm gonna need it, badly.. heh.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

WAYNE - the url for the staircase photo is here :


i actually quite like my new haircut now - cuckoo looking, ridiculousy short, assymetrical, toot-toot fringe and all.

and all the frizzy, split-end-ed, straw-like hairs at the bottom have been snipped off! yay!

funny how things can grow on you, isnt it. hee.


watched ALFIE yesterday, while bumming at home on *ahem* medical leave. heh.

3 reasons to watch ALFIE :

i) its a REALLY REALLY good movie with an interesting (albeit slightly cliched) storyline.

ii) the acting is credible.

iii) it stars JUDE LAW, looking absolutely hunkalicious and spouting a pronounced sexy english accent *drool*

oh. and before i forget.



especially lying, two-faced, conscience-devoid, cheating, no good scumbags.

especially promiscous, womanising party-boys.

especially the commitment-phobes.


this applies to FEMALES too, if you fit the descriptions above.

why do i say this? GO AND WATCH THE MOVIE WHEN IT OPENS. then you'll know what i mean.

and so, to end off this post - my favourite line from the movie, ALFIE :




i couldnt agree more. ;)

my post-christmas celebration

went to catch OCEANS TWELVE on tuesday at marina.


the first half of the movie is so damn draggy and slow and uninteresting and blah.

the ending is slightly better. but only just.

thank goodness it was only $6.50! although in my humble opinion, its not even worth that amount. blehh.

it was so boring that i was shifting in my seat and spying in the couple in front of me!

and we were sooooo very tempted to leave the movie and pop over to the movie hall next door to watch KUNGFU HUSTLE. which we didnt in the end becos i was too lazy to move my fat arse.

next time, I am choosing the movie. hmph.


the original plan for after-movie drinks at altivo was scratched cos of the stupid rain.

ended up wandering clarke quay looking for food for my poor, rumbling tummy.

give up looking for food when it became apparent that there is NONE. *sob*

landed in COCOON BAR/FORBIDDEN CITY at clarke quay - part of the INDOCHINE chain.

and the ambience there is definitely OH WOW.

very arabian nights, with reclining seats/sofas and drapes and soft lighting and candles and cushions and alcoves..

so very perfect for chilling out! very romantic too! new favourite place! hee.

and the drinks were reasonably priced.

one guiness draught, one hoegarden, one appletini, one lychee liquer 7up. which came up to $53.

not bad, yes?


zoom off to newton for supper to appease my angry stomach.

stingray, la-la, kangkong.. bliss! *slurp*


all's well that ends well - a wonderful night with the perfect mix of ingredients.

happy. :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

scotty-boy's birthday party

WAYNE : either you poke me up the bum NOW or i'm gonna let off a nuclear-fart!

TREV : (rolls eyes) here he goes AGAIN.. AIYOH!! let me eat in peace. please!

HARESH : and THIS is how you execute the "airplane taking off" ah-beng dance move!

ah-bengs and ah-lians gather at the staircase. so fierce!!

check out JON's mega-ah-beng stance - holding tiger beer can, somemore! phwoar!

birthday boy SCOTT's secondary career choice is to be a FLASHER.

hmm. think he needs a beeeeeet more practice. heh.

JON is practicing to be a table.

STEPH utilises JON's bum as a table for her plate. erm. oh...kay...

my lovely bum - i think it looks quite nice! bwahahahaha!

WAYNE attempts to traumatise us with his hairy belly. you see how EUGENE recoils in horror so sharply that he slips out the photo?

WAYNE : do you guys think i'd look good with a belly button piercing??

US : NO!!! spare us the horror, please! ARGH!!


and finally - a group shot of US (minus haresh + gf who left early)

clockwise from top left : wayne , bran , trev , scott , eugene , jon , me , steph , sue


the full array of 87 photos can be found at

scott's 22nd - album



granted, its not my personal digicam. it belongs to the "family" and we have to "share" and "take proper care" of it.

which translates to "whoever even so much as scratches the casing will be strung up and left to die a horrible slow death".


but its very nice, doncha think?! (the camera, i mean. not the method of death. blehh.)

i like i like i like!!

xmas pressies!!

my thanks once again to the "donators" of above pressies :

DADDY - the huge coke tumbler (complete with $50 hidden under the cover! hee.)

MUMMY - the chunky bracelet

SAMMY - the cute cup/mug

AUNTIE EMY - the blue floral halter

BRAN & SUE - the lovely ring (that i can wear on any finger i so choose.)

WAYNE - the clive cussler book

SCOTT - the 2 pairs of beach slippers

PETE - the ultra-marvellous custom-made CAUSE I'M SPECIAL t-shirt (this is definitely "oh-so-me"! bwahaha!)

JON & STEPH - the virgin/slut aromatherapy soap (of which only 1 bar shall be utilised. go figure which one! heh.)

HUILAM - the cool camo paul frank pencil case

VAL & BRENDAN - the body shop shampoo & conditioner set

AUNTIE JOYCE & UNCLE VERNON - the body shop mango bath foam & body lotion set (which smells divine. yum!)

JEFF & CHERILYN - the pink vondutch racer back tanktop

PRISCILLA - the tea tree bath set

Monday, December 27, 2004

happy 22nd birthday to

... SCOTTY ...

one year older but still a small boy. hee.

xmas celebrations 2004

midnite mass with the family.

home for christmas supper and opening (more like ripping open and ravaging) presents under the tree.

the ng's place for christmas supper round #2 with auntie joyce, uncle vernon, val, brandon, sue-lynn and scott - with the 2 kids running around. exchanging of presents.

grapevine with bran, sue, scott, wayne, pete and trev. some alcohol. more exchanging of presents.

wayne tries to burn down the place with his puny lil lighter while pete looks on. brandon's trying to look nonchalant while praying wayne doesnt accidentally set his hair on fire with puny lighter.

bran : "hair wax is extremely flammable, dei!!"

trev performs his signature (in)famous james bond impersonation.

sue : "oh god. he's doing it AGAIN! save me!" *groan*

pete, wayne and brandon.

pete and bran were actually supposed to put their heads on wayne's shoulders for a "gay-ish" photo op. but, oh well...

scott and me.

i have no idea why scott looks like a monkey in this photo. hmm.

scott : "alamak! why is she forcing me to take photo?! i just wanna go home and relak lah. sian."

scott is "reserved". interesting. bwahahahaha.

home for a (relatively) early nite at 5ish in the morning.

grandma's house in the day on 25th with the family and relatives. cousins, uncles, aunties, etc. good food for lunch/dinner. exchanging of presents. silly cousin plays with new toy - video camera - and records me opening my presents. also attempts to film a sequence on my nose and nostril hair. bah. bum in front of tv. chat with various relatives.

spread at my grandma's - roast beef, devil's curry, soy sauce chicken, chicken sausages, veggies, and some crab dish. there was also ribs with floss garnishing but i didnt take a pic of that. oh, and that's my sister in the upper left corner, stuffing her face. smile, SAMMY! bwahahaha!

head to the ng's to meet bran and scott.

jon's place for christmas dinner with the ng's and their extended family. jon, steph, bran, scott, haresh + gf, dan, wayne, sue, and others. turkey is good. turkey sauce courtesy of steph's mum is awesome! exchange presents. hang around till 11ish at nite.

meet huilam, who very kindly drives me and bran down to boat quay before heading to altivo with sue. me and bran grab a jug at wow before heading to altivo to join the 2. altivo is lovely. must go back sometime soon.

this is actually HUILAM, at altivo. he's moving around so the pic came out blur lah. hee. ok, fine. my handphone camera quality is horrendous. bah.

head for home early, before 2am.

zonk out. spend entire sunday wasting away at home on bed.

my christmas RANT

christmas has come and gone. back to the disgusting daily grind of slavery and work. at least until this weekend - NEW YEAR'S!

yay! i'm such a holiday whore. heh.

anyhow. christmas this year just felt "wrong". i dunno why. just this feeling that something wasnt quite right. like something was missing.

WHAT?! someone please help me figure it out, dammit! before i dwell on it for too long and end up exploding from overuse of (my already very extremely limited) brain cells! gah.

the ATMOSPHERE was different. and i've heard a lot of similar complaints from friends that this year, there was "JUST NO MOOD".. how come liddat?!

maybe its becos we're all getting older.

the simple joys and fantasies of christmas no longer hold excitement for our society-warped, 9-to-5-worklife-beaten, pressures-and-burdens-of-adulthood selves.

we no longer hold onto our childlike simplicity. everything has become so complicated as we struggle with our lives and the neverending troubles we inevitably encounter in the "adult world".

remember how we used to celebrate christmas when we were kids?

the joy at getting presents...
the wonderful lights and decorations everywhere...
the laughter and happiness in the air...
the yummy yummy food on the tables...
the camaraderie all around...
and more. so much more!

and then we were teenagers...

holidays were an excuse to party. clubbing. dancing the nite away. spending time with friends.

still, we looked forward to christmas. even if it was just so that we could go out and get pissed drunk and club till the wee hours of the morning.

and then we crossed the threshold into adulthood. we became "grown-ups"...

and we threw everything out the window.


christmas has become another HALLMARK HOLIDAY. over marketed and over hyped.

people have become such cynics.

and as much as i try my very best to hold on to my last vestiges of child-like appreciation for this once the-very-greatest-and-most-important-of-all-holidays...

i find myself relishing christmas less and less, and dreading it more and more as each year passes.

which is why, this year, i firmly insisted on giving out presents to my friends and family.

it didnt really matter whether i would get anything back from anyone.

i just wanted to revisit the warm feeling christmas used to give me, when i was younger and the practise of exchanging presents at christmas time was something special and joyous and put a smile on everyone's face.

besides. it really doesnt feel like christmas, to me, without the presents!

and you know what?

giving out presents to people and seeing smiles on faces actually honestly truly DID make me feel happy and it really did give me a warm feeling...

and i'm so very glad i did it. even though it burned a humungous hole in my poor lil pocket.

and that, dear friends, is my take on christmas in the year 2004.

the only thing i have to say right now is...


i want to look at world through a child's eyes again. i want to rediscover what simple joys truly are. i want to appreciate and savour the things we take for granted. i want to be less complicated. i want to live life and enjoy it.

can i?

Saturday, December 25, 2004


(insert all the usual greetings and wishes here)

sorry lah S.I.L.. brain too dead to think and i'm too lazy. hee :p


just got back from midnite mass with the family.

wah lau eh. the sermon was HALF AN HOUR long!!! everyone was shifting in their seats and looking here and there and everywhere and tapping their feet and falling asleep!

my goodness. such long windedness. and its the same point, repeated over and over again, in different variations! like half an hour of repetitive recital!

hmm. maybe he thought that by repeating it so many times, the message would really sink into us and be absorbed..


i'm waiting for my christmas supper so that i can go over to the ng's. faster faster!

everyone is there at ihm. and i'm all by my lonesome. blehh. hee.

Friday, December 24, 2004

5 hours..

... to christmas! yay! and i can open my presents! w00t! hee.

just got back from bran and scott's place. went to drop off the log cake and the presents for the kids from me and sue and val's pressie.

its been so long since i was over there!


was supposed to just drop off the presents then come back home to sleep cos i'm so freaking tired.


ended up helping scott wrap his presents.

i should ask him for payment for my services! bwahahahaha!

poor brandon had a migraine. must be all the holiday season stress, aye? i hope you feel loads better by tonight, bro! :)

and tonight...

midnight mass with my family. then home for christmas supper and presents opening. then gotta rush over to bran and scott's again for christmas supper round 2!

how to make it in time?! must seriously consider learning how to fly. or teleport myself. or, for those of you that watch "charmed" and know what i'm talking about, ORB. sigh.

then it's gonna be off to grapevine to chill out and drown myself in alcohol. hopefully with the rest of the gang, yes? :)


All I Want For Christmas Is You

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true...
All I want for Christmas
Is you...

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon thefireplace
Santa Claus won't make me happy
With a toy on Christmas day
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you...
You baby

I don't ask for much this Christmas
I don't even wish for snow
I'm just gonna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe
I won't make a list and send it
To the North Pole for Saint Nick
I won't even stay awake to
Hear those magic reindeer click
Cause I just want you here tonight
Holding on to me so tight
What more can I do
Baby all I want for Christmas is you

All the lights are shining
SO brightly everywhere
And the sound of children's
Laughter fills the air
And everyone is singing
I hear those sleigh bells singing
Santa won't you bring me the one I really need -
won't you please bring my baby to me...
Oh I don't want a lot for Christmas
This is all I'm asking for
I just want to see baby
Standing right outside my door
Oh I just want him for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is
All I want for Christmas is you baby


and now. i am off to SLEEP. i hope God wont blame me if i fall asleep during mass later. blehh.

12 hours to christmas!!

phew! finally finished sending out my christmas greeting emails. isnt the internet wonderful? now we dont have to spend money on paper cards anymore! hee.

i think the mobile phone network is severely jammed. congested. what is the matter! i spent 10mins trying to send a message! kept getting "unable to send message. pls try again later." grr.

and last nite i messaged people but some say they never got my message! and nigel claimed he replied my message but i never got it. and janson said he didnt get eugene's reply as well.

tsk. this is one reason i dont like holiday seasons. all this congestion on the phone networks! its silly. and so inconvenient! blehh.


hung out with eugene, jan, nigel, lester, kennie and eugene's cousin praveen last nite, at wow. passed everyone their christmas presents.

the guys proceeded to open their pressies on the spot! tsk. you're supposed to wait for christmas day!!

drink drink drink. drunk drunk drunk. i think quite a few people got happily high! myself included, of course. hee.

and the guys were bullying me becos i was the only female among them. and i didnt have "protection" last nite. (go figure. heh.)

these people treat me like i'm a MALE. what's up with that?! i have BOOBIES, y'know. blehh. haha. but its ok with me lah. i'm not that big a girly-girl anyways. and its much FUNNER this way! ;)

lots of rubbishy talk flying about. silliness. and drunken talk. quite verily amusing! but serious opinions were exchanged at some point.

is it true that drunken people speak the truth?? that alcohol loosens tongues? i dunno. but i do know that alcohol softens inhibitions. whatever that means. :p

thanks for the "love life talk" last nite, guys. its good to know that despite all the bullying and teasing you guys heap on me, you still care (even if its just a teeny weeny lil bit. or maybe it was just the alcohol talking, aye? heh.)

its very much appreciated. honest! and remember your promise to bring me out! :)


its christmas time !

a time for giving and nice-ness and loving and joy and fun and laughter and excesses!

so this christmas season, lets all indulge ourselves!

go forth and be merry!!


Thursday, December 23, 2004

ooh .. my aching back

i spent last nite sitting on my cold tile floor. hunched over and fighting a perpetual battle with my scotchtape and wrapping paper.

and i'm paying for it today.

my back aches to high hell. my shoulders feel like i've been caught in a wrestler's armlock overnight. my arms seem like they're gonna drop off any minute.

wrapping presents from 8pm to 2.30am. 6 and 1/2 freaking hours

man, thats a bloody shitload of presents. either that, or i'm a really really super super slow wrapper. heh.

the end results :

my nicely wrapped presents

i think all the presents occupied about 1 square metre floor space. (!)

note the 2 unwrapped bolster thingies in the 2nd picture. they're so big i need 2 pieces of wrapping paper to wrap each one!

which reminds me - i need to buy wrapping paper!

my shopping is finished!

and i am so completely flat-out BROKE

the hole in my pocket is burned so large and so deep that it resembles the grand canyon.

birthday gifts for my brother (16 dec) sue (25 dec) scott (27 dec) : $70+

christmas presents : $300

total amount spent on gifts this month : $370+


oh well. what to do? its CHRISTMAS! a time for giving. heh.

but i'm glad i managed to pick up pressies for everyone. at least i hope i got everyone's and didnt leave anyone out. hmm. lets see..

  1. daddy
  2. mummy
  3. daniel
  4. sammy
  5. auntie emy
  6. brandon
  7. sue
  8. wayne
  9. scott
  10. stace
  11. jon
  12. steph
  13. pete
  14. paul
  15. mel
  16. trevor
  17. haresh
  18. huilam
  19. the ng's
  20. val
  21. ethan
  22. timmy
  23. hazey
  24. ivy
  25. steph
  26. chermaine
  27. michel
  28. felicia
  29. sophia
  30. niki
  31. frankie
  32. des
  33. jonathon
  34. eugene
  35. janson
  36. nigel

very long list. my goodness. i'm shocked. i feel like santa claus! bwahahaha.

eh. for that amount of presents, $300 seems pretty alrite. doncha think?! i'm such an economical person (i.e. el cheapo) heh.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

i'm backkkk

yesh. back from k.l. since sunday evening. have been too tired and too busy with unpacking and sorting and outings and more shopping and working to update.

and i dont have the mood to blog about my trip, but i shall do it soon. heh.

yesterday i dragged myself to work in the morning and got buried (as usual) under the insane thousand and ones things needing my very limited attention. bah.

i hate work pile-ups. especially when i come back from holiday and i'm all chirpy and happy and non-work-mood-ish and i have to WORK. blehh.


left work early cos i had to rush home and get ready for the xsjados gig at substation, which was at 7pm.

but i was still late. sigh. i'm an incorrigible late-ee. i cant help myself. time always seems to be working against me!

when i finally got to the substation, met jon and steph and wayne. and eugene and the xsjados hadnt even started playing yet. hee. we got in free, so at least the $5 i saved on entrance fee covered my cab fare down.

and then. they started playing. but only 3 songs. so short. and these young kids started "moshing" and throwing themselves at each other and banging and slamming and kicking.. they scared me. serious. so violent! they looked like they purposely wanted to hurt other people around them!

this really small, skinny, puny, fragile-looking lil guy got injured while moshing. i think he dislocated his shoulder or something. he was led away and then sent to the hospital. and then there was no more moshing for the kiddies.

we hung around for abit after that. but decided to leave for shopping. yay!

and i found out how strong eugene is. he managed to break open the cable-tie thingy around my wrist. and he made it look rather effortless, too! my my my. i dont think i know any of my other male friends who can break apart those things with just one or two tugs. impressive. heh.

took a bus to taka and popped by the xmas roadside stalls to get presents. then it was off to heeren. flash and splash where me, jon and steph got stuff.

went down to the bead shop. wanted to get some keychain thingies as gifts but so expensive!! its like $0.50/$1.00 a bead and they charge you $3.50 service fee just to string it all together! cutthroats! robbers! nincompoops!

jon offered to string them together for me but i decided to look around and see if i can get them elsewhere for cheaper so i dont have to bother him too much.

dropped by hmv, intending to get cds but its so bloody through-the-fucking-roof expensive! i nearly fainted from shock when i saw the price. so decided to try other cheaper alternative sources. damn these big conglomerates. they may have the selection but you pay through your freaking nose. bah.

and then we headed back to taka, for kinokuniya so wayne could get his comic. legs were starting to ache all around by this time.

walked to borders for more shopping. afterwhich, we walked all the way back up to somerset mrt for food at that hawker center place besides specialists. legs breaking. blehh.

good food. fried oyster is absolutely delicious. *slurp*

parted ways after filling our stomachs. the 3 went home. i swung over to boat quay for much needed boozing. alcohol. bliss! hee.


i think i seriously have leg muscles now. all that shopping and walking and standing over the past few days, in k.l. and back here!

badly need a massage.

and i think i need another holiday to recuperate from my holiday in k.l. help!

no time no time no time!

i wish i could just take one entire day off from work and do my stuff that i want and need to do.


Thursday, December 16, 2004

off to k.l. for the weekend.

gonna shop shop shop till i drop drop drop.

eat eat eat till i explode.

drink drink drink till i...


holidaying with parents and family.

which translates to NO EXCESSIVE BOOZING.


and just think.

i'm gonna be in the vicinity of ZOUK KL.

but i wont be going in.



maybe i will pop in for a bit.

by myself.

that is, if the parentals dont kick up a big hoo-ha.

wish me luck!

byebye y'all! be good! cya on monday :)

la la la la la

last nite was desmond and veron's wedding buffet / get together thingie at wow. and boy, did he get DRUNK. i didnt even know humans were capable of turning that red! such a bright, glowing crimson! bwahahaha.

DES & VERON : congratulations once again to you 2 lovebirds! all the best in your life together from here on, and of course, remember to help the singapore government "expand the population" ya?! we're counting on you 2 hor! hahahaha ;p


eat, drink and be merry. finally saw my dear hazey again, after so bloody long. hee.

HAZEY MEI : if you coming up to k.l. on saturday must call me ok? then can meet up and go shopping together! :)


popped over to this other karaoke pub in boat quay "cupid" for its official opening. must show abit of face lah. heh.


becos a fight / scuffle broke out. pushing, shoving, shouting, screaming. my goodness. so exciting. blehh.

there was this guy. i dunno what he was trying to do. he grabbed a glass (the short rock glass, i think.) and then he smashed it against the door frame and proceeded to.. i dunno what he did with it lah.

but please lah! who does he think he is?! sme big time gangster or something ah?! we were sitting there wondering why he bothered to break the glass. cos according to somebody "a glass smashed on a guy's face or head actually does more damage than stabbing with broken shards." hmm. true? dont ask me, man.

but as i was saying. we were sitting there wondering what this crazy young punk was trying to do. and we came to the conclusion that he was probably trying to act "sard". y'know, like breaking a bottle in true "gu wa zai" fashion. and he probably couldnt get his hands on a beer bottle so settle for a glass.

dumb arse. retard. bwahahahaha.

young kids nowsadays. tsk. all bravado. but i think "act sard" guy must have done some damage with his fragmented glass. cos there was blood all over the place! on the door, the floor, the stairs.. eeeeeee!

and then the cops came and we made our getaway. back to wow. heh.


oh. guess what else i learned last nite.

"there are 2 types of gays. they're called the KING and the QUEEN. the KING pokes. the QUEEN gets poked."

bwahahahaha! new terms! no more CATCHER and PITCHER or POKER and POKEE! now its so regal and sophisticated! royal names. heh.


thanks for your sweet attempts to protect me from the fight. and your promise to "beat up" people if i was harmed in any way by flying glass shards / rowdy kids / blah blah.

chivalry and gentlemanly behaviour is not dead after all! i'm touched. :)


leaving tonite for k.l. bags still unpacked. dammit!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

cant think of a proper title. screw it.

and so. 10 days to christmas. excitable lil me is getting excited! erm. yes. something like that. heh.

i have an uncontrollable urge that i (vainly) fight off every day and every nite. wait. make that a few uncontrollable urges.

1. i have this uncontrollable urge to SHOP SHOP SHOP. for clothes. for accessories. for bags. for books. for stuff for myself. for presents for my friends.

this is the one time of year that i indulge my shopaholic persona which i attempt to keep hidden and reined in throughout the year.

i love to shop. let me shop! i just wanna skip work and go shopping the whole day! gah! so many things to buy, so little time, so little money! torture...

2. i have an uncontrollable urge to EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY. and when i say drink i mean alcohol. and when i say eat i mean gluttonous pig. and when i say be merry i mean WAAAAAY too silly / loud / crazy / etc. think "extreme".

not good. indulging in food and drink will only lead to FAT which will then lead to DESPAIR which will also lead to DIETING which means a reduced intake of lovely food and drink which will lead to DEPRESSION.. blah blah. and the vicious cycle goes on and on and on.

you following all this?

3. i have this insane absolutely silly uncontrollable urge to hurry up and get all my christmas present shopping done and then wrap up all the presents and place them under my artificial tree so that i can feel warm and fuzzy as i watch the pile of presents grow.

i'm mad. stark raving mad. bonkers. nuts. cuckoo.


leaving for k.l. tomorrow nite. and i havent packed yet. argh! and my mummy and daddy are constantly bugging me about packing. nag nag nag.


did i mention i LOATHE packing? despise. hate. detest. abhor.

i have nothing to wear. crap.

Monday, December 13, 2004

my WISHLIST has been updated in preparation for christmas. *hint hint hint HINT*


yesh. i know. my skin is extremely bloody freaking one helluva THICK. what to do? i'm a dinosaur. dinos have really thick skin, ok? heh. :p i'm joking lah. ;)



about your christmas presents. yes, i am getting stuff for all of you.

if you guys have something in mind that you would like, please let me know by this FRIDAY, 17 DECEMBER so that i can have time to get it.

by the way, kindly limit to $20 cos i'm kinda strapped for cash and i cant afford expensive gifts, yeah?

thanks y'all :)

i found it!

joy joy joy!! smurf plushies galore! finally, after much searching and scouting and walking and poking around, i have located my SMURF PLUSHIES!


its at this shop, "beanbag barn" at the beach road shaw towers, ground floor. yesh, i'm dropping BIG hints by telling you the exact location of the shop. bwahahahaha!

they've got smurfette, papa smurf, the normal smurfs, even gargamel! and they have this HUGE smurf plushie! its almost half my size! *screams with ecstasy*

silly sunday

yesterday was unusually busy for a sunday. i'm suprised.

supposed to meet bran and sue in orchard around 6ish for a spot of christmas shopping. but, being the lazy ass that i am, i indulged in a short afternoon nap and proceeded to oversleep. oops.


finally make my way down to heeren, arriving at 7.30pm. locate bran, sue and trev. pop by paragon to watch my brother's band perform. the 3 leave to eat dinner. i stay on at paragon to be the supportive sister that i obviously am (i can hear you guys choking with laughter and shaking your heads in disbelief. blehh.)

wayne and jon join me. we go grab a drink then park our butts on the concrete i-dont-know-what-you-call-it. eugene drops by as well.


my brother's band. is not that bad. instrumentally. but all of us wanted to stab the vocalist. and the sound system sucked big time. but he's my brother. so. i still think he's good. but they really need to do something about the vocals. ugh.

after a late dinner at cine's long johns, i leave the guys. head down to marina square. catch the 9.50pm blade trinity movie.


the movie is cool. better than i expected. quite happening. i enjoyed it quite much. love the soundtrack. and of course, hunkalicious ryan reynolds. *drool* what a wonderful body! sculpted perfection. and he comes packaged with that so-lame-its-funny, goofy, semi-sarcastic humour that is oh-so-endearing.

sigh. new object of lustful obsession has been aquired. at least until the next hunk that makes me laugh appears on my radar. heh.


deciding where to go for a chill out session at 11.45pm on a sunday nite in everywhere-closes-early-or-its-too-bloody-expensive-what-a-boring-island singapore is mind boggling and frustrating and irritating and torturous.

we debated about staying at the sidewalk cafes at marina square. no cash. had to find atm first. so we walked from marina to raffles city. top up the wallets. then we walk somemore to chijmes.

chijmes is lovely. the atmosphere is beautiful. but no suitable comfortable chill out place for us. we're in an icky picky mood.

catch a taxi down to club street with our hearts set on bar savanh. get there. the damn place is closed. even union bar is closed. boo hoo!

ask the taxi driver to make an about turn while we debate our next destination. holland village? probably closed as well. tanjong pagar? no nice chillout places come to our minds. newton circus for supper? dont feel like. altivo? another day when we have more time.

argh! did i mention how i hate trying to find a place to go on sunday nites in singapore?! everywhere is closed or too boring or not our kinda thing or something or other. bah.

we finally surrender and head down to boat quay once again. (why am i not suprised that you guys are not suprised.)


2 jugs in 15mins. and a 3rd one more slowly. was there a 4th or 5th jug? i cant remember. alcohol has that effect on me at times.

hang around. chit chat. cheers. drink. a spot of pool. a game or two of "word dojo". watch the arsenal-chelsea match. laugh. drink somemore.

the usual stuff.


dim sum for an extremely late supper (or a very early breakfast!) is definitely yummy. i love my "har kow"! and relatively cheap too. $70+ for 10 people and 2 tables laden with food. good deal, yes? value for money, for sure.

such a pleasant coincidence that i was craving dim sum earlier in the day and voila! dim sum supper materialises! so very satisfying when one indulges one's food cravings. hee.


practically falling asleep at the table after filling my tummy to the brim. arrive back home at 5.30am. dead on my feet. but content. and ready for my comfy bed!

hmm. i really should try to stop this stay-out-till-the-wee-hours-then-wake-up-and drag-myself-to-work-and-try-to-survive-the-day-on-2-hours-of-sleep habit of mine. tsk. must resolve to sleep at more earthly hours.

psst! resolutions almost always get broken, rite? oops! hee. ;)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

happy birthday, mel! :)

Saturday, December 11, 2004

just got home. went "mini" christmas shopping at borders earlier with wayne. which means i walked around the place trying to decide if there was anything i could get for anyone. and also means i was dropping lotsa "hints" to wayne about what i wanted.

well, so it wasnt really "hints". more like "eh, wayne. i want this. you can get me this for christmas." heh.

and then paul joined us and we travelled halfway across the world to ulu pandan.

and now i'm home again. was supposed to meet my dearest best pal, brandon, and sue for a drink. but i dont feel very well.

i've got a kinda tightness in my chest. which makes breathing slightly difficult. must be my flu from this morning acting up.

and i dunno why i'm so very very tired. i feel drained. exhausted. worn out. run down. no battery.

and i'm feeling moody. sigh. must be the dreary weather these days. i dunno. i dont even have the mood to booze. which, if you know me well enough, proves that something is seriously haywire somewhere.. i mean, i didnt even go out last nite! and i'm staying home on a saturday nite BY MY OWN CHOICE..

all i wanna do is crawl in bed and be alone, with my tv and my books.

so weird. think i'll just go sleep it off. hopefully it's better in the morning.

BRANDON & SUE : sorry for cancelling at the last minute. i really dunno what's up. just suddenly felt really crappy. sorry sorry sorry. hopefully, if you guys read this, you'll be able to understand..

turtle power!

woke up this morning with a horrid cough and flu. i can feel all the icky phlegm stuck in my throat and along my nasal passages. feel like shit. ugh.

decided not to go to work. dont have the strength to drag myself halfway across singapore. barely have the strength to drag myself across my room. blehh.

switched on telly. was watching this :

so cool! w00t! i remember i used to love the turtles when i was younger. i even knew how to sing lines from the old theme song! haha.

but now. how things have changed. the theme song's different. april o'neill is not so "chio" anymore. but splinter and shredder are still around.

still, i enjoyed the cartoon. but i still think the old skool version rocks so much more than these modern cartoons. heh.

and i still think michelangelo's the absolute coolest! cowabunga dude!! bwahahaha!

NOTE TO SELF : wake up early tomorrow and every sunday from now on to catch SMURFS at 9am!! smurfs smurfs smurfs smurfs smurfs!! *sings the smurfs theme song* la la la la la la, la la la la la.... hee :)

Friday, December 10, 2004

its that time of year again

oh man. christmas is around the corner once more. in approximately 2 weeks time. have y'all done your shopping yet? heh.

every year, around this time, i sit and mope and worry and rack my brain and empty my wallet and mutter to myself about the presents to get for people i love and care about.

every year, i go practically broke trying to get my loved ones pressies that i hope they'll like and appreciate and have some use for.

this year. i am BROKE. even before buying any pressies. so this means that i have no money (alrite. i have SOME. but not very much!) for christmas gifts.

but i still wanna get stuff for people. becos it doesnt seem like christmas if no pressies are exchanged! fine. call me materialistic. or a slave to commercialised holidays. whatever. but i like seeing nicely wrapped presents under my artifical tree.

giving and receiving gifts just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, alrite?!


due to extreme budget constraints. and trust me, they are VERILY extreme and constrained. i've got no year end bonus this year lah! blehh.


i am inspired by one of steph's posts and i hereby propose :


bwahahahaha! no. i'm serious. its what i'm gonna do this year. this way, at least i can save cash but still give my loved ones presents. altho' they will be crappy worthless stuff. but still. its the thought that counts, rite?! heh.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


ugh. busy busy busy. i'm so stoned. brain overload. i repeat, work is CRAP.

been in the office since 8am. preparing accounts and documents for major meeting. actual meeting from 9.30am till 11.45am.

break for lunch now. back at 2pm for continuation of meeting. hopefully will be able to wrap up by 4pm. then i have to settle the shitload of other accounts and random thingies demanding my attention.

i pray i'll be able to leave office by 7pm tonite. if i'm lucky. sigh.

and i just remembered. year end is coming. which means i have to collate and prepare all the company accounts to send for auditing.


meeting frankie and steph for lunch now. need to get out of this cursed place before i really lose it.

mission "preserve eileen's already extremely fragile and almost non-existent sanity" is now in motion.

please stand by for further instructions.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


ah crap. sick again. sucky. this is what happens when you try to be a smart ass like me and do one of four genius things.

a) refuse to carry an umbrella in rainy season becos its so troublesome and "auntie"-like

b) think that you are capable of travelling at the speed of light and thus able to outrun the rain

c) be deluded by the (false) hope that perhaps the rain will have the decency and courtesy to wait till you have arrived at your destination before unleashing itself

d) refuse to wait for the rain to pass or slacken and foolishly insisting on braving the downpour with the silly consolation to yourself that "its not that far to walk, what. only a leeeeetle bit. besides, if i walk fast, it'll be ok."

*sniff* aaah-choo! bah.

was sniffling so badly in the taxi to work today. eh. i'm sick. that gives me the right to eschew public transportation modes like the bus and mrt due to the fact that i might faint at any given moment and fainting in a bus or the mrt is so pai-seh. at least in a taxi there's only me and the uncle. and he can drive me straight to the hospital too! makes sense, right?!

anyway. as i was saying.

in the taxi today, the uncle took it upon himself to give me a super long droning lecture on "taking care of myself". sigh. blah blah blah. and all i wanted to do was close my eyes and sleep. but of course, i'm too nice to snap at him or fall asleep in his face or something along those lines to get him to shut the fuck up and leave me alone.

so i did what any sweet, angelic, innocent, nice lil girl would do. i smiled fakely, nodded my head at appropriate times and thanked him for his concern. and all the while, picturing in my mind how much i would like to reach forward and bitch slap the guy left right center upside down. heh.

ok. that was mean. i appreciate the fact that this total stranger feels such an affinity for me that he wants to pass on his family remedies and personal anecdotes and what-nots to lil ol' me.

but please! for heaven's sakes! i'm dying here! just leave me alone and let me get some bloody shut-eye. ugh.

and i can only remember 2 things about this conversation that took up 20 mins of my life.

i) he gave me the name of a medicine he claims has worked wonders for his sinuses and allergies

ii) he admonished me for baring my armpits. wtf?! according to him, baring your armpits leaves you susceptible to falling ill or catching cold or something liddat. (!!!) speechless.

sigh. and now, i have to get back to work. woe is me. the enormous pile on my table doesnt seem to be dwindling since i started my attack on it this morning at 10am. in fact, it seems to be growing. and soon i think it's gonna engulf my table and me. ugh. dammit!

Monday, December 06, 2004

toilet graffitti

spotted in one of the cubicles of the bugis cinema toilet. it amused me so much at that time that i couldnt resist taking a photo of it.

in case you guys cant see it clearly, the message reads "can u pple dun vandalise? get a grip. dope!"

which strikes me as extremely ironic. or idiotic. since what else is the scribbler of that message doing but vandalising as well?!

the things people do sometimes... i dont know whether to laugh or to cry or to smack them over the head! tsk. :p


saturday nite was a whirlwind of activity. and my legs and arms and shoulders and back ache like hell now. desperately in need of a massage. ugh. how i regret not visiting the massage tents at zoukout like i was originally so tempted to!


saturday nite. janson gave me a lift down to wow, where we met up with eugene and nigel. had a drink or two. then it was off to taboo at tanjong pagar to load up on booze. cos it was free! bwahahahaha!

first time to taboo. so crowded! jam packed with eye candy! wow wow wow! when i first stepped in, i thought i was in paradise. so many males. in fact, i dont think i saw a single female, besides me, in the entire place! and all so wonderfully good looking and well dressed and such toned bodies.. heaven!

and then. realisation slowly sank in. and it hit me that i was actually in hell. becos these droolworthy hunks, were gay. argh! pure torture. sigh. well, according to nigel, not ALL are gay. most are, but there are some who are straight. but how to tell?! no time to sift through the mass of bodies pressed so tightly against each other to discern who is who which is which!!

so, after a sour apple 7up, hoegarden and sour apple shooter (all free! heh.) it was off we go!

drove into sentosa. had to park at the carpark at the entrance and catch a feeder bus to tanjong beach for the event. sophia and danz and another friend (whom i cant recall ever knowing her name) met us on the bus. as did gene's 2 other friends.

reached tanjong beach. walked in. bought tickets. queued at the entrance tent. got seperated from sophia and the girls. we were all bouncing by this time. NOT becos of the music or the excitement, mind you. we all needed the toilets! badly! heh.

finally get into the area around 1+. stages and lights and blaring music. the water is cordoned off with netting so no one will get drunk, jump in and drown or something. food tents, massage tent, VIP tents, drink tents, first aid tent, blah blah blah.

first stop, toilet. huge sigh of relief! popped by the velvet tent for the guys to say hi to some friends. decided to hang around the main arena. bumped into sophia and the girls again. dance dance dance!

timo maas was spinning. not bad! quite good. but all of us were waiting for PVD, who was scheduled for 4am. so late! how to tahan?!

in the end, by the time PVD came on around 4.30am, we were all so tired and hot and sian. adjourned to a quieter corner of the beach to chill.

PVD was good, as usual. pity we were all too bushed to fully appreciate. but i still prefer his CNY gig. maybe its the atmosphere. dunno. seemed different, somehow. hmm.

and lying on the cool sand, listening to PVD and gazing at the stars is actually pretty cool! although it meant sand all over my arms and legs and up my shorts and elsewhere. heh.

oh. and i met darren. and also eugene and akira. the guys i met at liquidroom a few months back. eugene is still good looking. or maybe it was the booze and the lights. haha! talking to them awhile. blah blah blah. nigel insists they are gay. blehh. whatever. doesnt make much difference to me now anyway. heh.

hang around till 6ish, waiting for janson to return with the car. piled into the car, set off to boat quay to drop gene off at his car, sent nigel home then it was home sweet home! got back around 7am, completely exhausted. collapsed in bed.

ah! it was a quite alrite nite, i guess. if only we werent so tired! sigh. but still, an experience. and at least i can say i've been to 2 PVD gigs in a year! hee. ;)

the proof of entry arm band

entry ticket. freaking 48 bucks! wtf.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to ivy,
happy birthday to you..

all the best, jie! *muacks* :)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

rain rain go away

hostility and tension between you 2 guys. you say you feel it. its there. i'm stunned. i dont feel anything but friendliness. fake? a cover? but for what purpose?!

no reason exists, as far as i can comprehend, for him to feel hostile towards you. you claim you have no idea why there's that tension. but i know. i know that you think and feel that its becos of me. i can see it on your face. i read you like an open book.

i dont understand why you feel that way. shocking. is it all in your mind? a silly notion that exists only in your reality? or is it really there, but concealed from me? how utterly confusing.


arguing and quarrelling and fighting is so tiring. mentally exhausting. draining. so frustrating! detestable, really.

but then again, conflict can be dysfunctional or functional. functional is good. just as constructive critisicm is good. if taken the right way.

trashing things out, albeit all the drama and raised voices and hurt feelings and exhaustion and frustration, can be conducive. in certain instances.

i have heard what you have to say. you have heard what my take on things are. promises have been made. whether they will be kept, remains to be seen. but the power of the words "i'll try my very best", coupled with genuine sincere hope for a positive outcome, should NOT be underestimated.

and in the morning, the sun is shining again. the storm has passed. we're still here. and i'm so glad. :)

the sun never disappears. its always there. enduring even the worst storms. its just hidden behind the clouds. but its still shining.

just becos you cant see it, doesnt mean its gone. be patient. have faith.

when all is over, the sun will shine again.

i resolve :

i) to be more ladylike and gentle and feminine and "civilised"
ii) to control my drinking
iii) to understand

Friday, December 03, 2004

ahoy matey

ahahahahaha. feast your eyes on this. i am so verily terribly amused!

yes, wayne. i finally got the photo you sent. like 2 days later. stupid network congestion crap. you look soooooo cute! bwahahahaha!

movies movies movies

movie heaven! courtesy of my parents frequent trips to pirated dvd haven aka j.b. heh.

rediscovering the joys of the cinema. pure bliss. i love the seats at bugis and lido. so comfy!

white chicks - hilarious. side splitting hysterics. i was laughing so loudly my mummy came out of her room to stare at me. a must watch. definitely worth an $8.50 ticket.

immortal - very strange. some futuristic shit that amazingly centers on ancient egyptian gods. flying pyramid, horus, blue haired chick, humans procreating with gods, blah blah. weird, even for a weirdo like me. heh. (incidentally, the movie's opening in cinemas here on 30 dec.)

bride and prejudice - sweet. funny. enjoyable. typical love story kinda thing. worth a $6.50 ticket, maybe $7.50. but dont pay $8.50 for this.

princess diaries II - sweet. funny. even hilarious at times. love story. chick flick. need i say more? but its good lah. worth $7.50 cos i felt it was better than bride and prejudice. more comedic moments. heh.

shark tale - not as good as i expected. what a letdown. if i had a choice, i wouldnt even bother paying $6.50 to watch this.

yesterday once more (the new chinese one starring sammi and andy lau) - confusing. i still havent figured out the ending. but not that bad. forgettable, though.

ladder 49 - ah. this is one movie that really suprised me. i expected it to be really boring and draggy, but it wasnt at all! quite riveting, in fact. very touching, with abit of action thrown in through the fire fighting scenes. but the ending's so sad. made me all teary and sentimental and stuff. heh.

the incredibles - i didnt like it that much. really. and i dont care that everyone else loved it. it was so slow and draggy in the beginning. the animation wasnt incredible. storyline was nothing fantastically special. and they didnt show enough of jackjack! boo! towards the ending it got better, i suppose. when they started fighting and stuff. and i love edna! she's the coolest character in the movie, man. so funny! hee.

saw - oh wow. this is a definite definite absolute positive MUST WATCH. its so good! the twists and turns, the unexpected ending, the premise behind the plot, the genius of the psycho mind.. brilliant storyline, credible acting, shocks thrown in here and there for good measure.. i would gladly pay $10 to watch this. word of advice though - not a movie for the paranoid. heh.

and i still havent watched the forgotten. i wanna watch! people have been telling me its good. and there are only 3 scary/shocking scenes so i shouldnt be covering my eyes and ears that much. hee.

ooh! and bridget jones! and alexander becos its got angelina jolie. *drool* and without a paddle, for the three naked guys hugging scene. and national treasure, which is reportedly kinda like indy jones so it should be quite happening. and stepford wives! wayne! where's my dvd!

eagerly anticipating blade III. vampires, blood, gore, action, cool weapons. woohoo! and meet the fockers. heh. fockers. bwahahaha.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

the CRUELEST thing in the world

fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK. KNNBCCB. *please insert various swear words in numerous languages here* argh! i am officially going to kill myself now. GAH!

if i could bend my legs back far enough, i would kick myself in the arse. and then i would body slam the wall. and then i would hurl myself of a cliff. or a tall building. or run in front of a speeding car. or truck. better yet, bite my tongue off, rip my nipples and toes off, chop off my fingers, and die from loss of blood.

why? why, you ask? its so unfair! UNFAIR!

early saturday morning, after i revived from my drunkardness, eugene and niki asked me to pick 4 lil balls from a box. on these balls were numbers. so they could buy 4D.

the numbers i picked, in order : 5 3 0 6

saturday. observe the second prize.

sunday. note the first prize.

FIRST PRIZE. FIRST FUCKING PRIZE. thats a $2000 payout for $1 Big and $3000 payout for $1 Small. and my numbers came out. in exact order. FIRST PRIZE.

and i didnt buy. NABEH! there exists no swear word in any language to describe how i feel. frustrated doesnt even come close. try frustrated, to the power of infinity. ugh.

and niki and eugene didnt buy on sunday either. becos they bought on my actual day, saturday. and the numbers came out but jumbled up. so they thought that if it already opened on saturday, it wont come out on sunday. and they didnt buy. WHY NEVER BUY! at least i can get commission from you guys what! :p


now, excuse me please. i'm going to stab myself and die. bah. bah. BAH!

major update

wow. loooong time no update. where should i start?! oh dear.

well, i have straight hair now. after sitting in a chair for almost 5 hours and enduring leg cramps, butt cramps, back aches, yadda yadda.

yup! rebonding is a gift from God. or the japanese, in any case. heh. but its flat. sigh. i know. there's just no pleasing humans sometimes. we always find something to complain about. never contented. blah blah.

but i'm not complaining. not that much, anyhow. heh. at least i have straight hair now, flatness or no flatness. so much neater!


met jan last nite. went down to wow for a drink cos he was bored at home. made the poor boy wait for me at home for an hour cos i was watching singapore idol. heh.

almost everyone says my hair's nice. even the meanie, niki. which says alot, trust me. niki is MEAN. he takes great pleasure in "suaning" me. blehh.

frankie said i look like a nuclear warhead. wtf. but he claims its meant to be a compliment, cos he thinks nuclear warheads are beautiful. again, wtf?! heh.


taufik won! taufik won! yay! at least singaporeans have some taste. my anger at those singaporean voters who caused leandra to go and daphne to stay and who caused olinda to lose out to sylvester has been appeased.

taufik is good. he's got the whole package. looks, style, dress sense, stage prescence, talent, the moves.. and he can speak proper english!! i'm happy. :)


in case anyone's wondering, i didnt go for my second exam on the 30th. becos i didnt study. at all. eh, it was my birthday weekend. its a legitimate excuse! heh.

so now, i need to find $1000 to retake my last 2 subjects and my graduation project. damn. need sponsors!! help!!


arsenal got their ass whooped by liverpool! woohoo! pop the champagne! hahaha! happy happy happy. all hail neil mellor, wonderboy extraordinaire! stunning goals. stevie g really does make a difference to the team. my darling, my precious, my idol!

and liverpool beat spurs this morning. which means pool is into the final four. yay!how exciting! hee.

damn. i should have bet with niki. he was saying that pool would lose to spurs, by 3 goals. hahaha. how completely absurd! i was telling him that it was impossible, but i had no guts to make a concrete bet with him cos the stake was 5 month's worth of mcdonalds meals. crazy man. heh.

speaking of mcdonalds.. i got cheated by the mcdonalds guy at the outlet near my house! i ordered a large fries, but he only gave me HALF a packet of fries.

*grrrr* asshole. dickhead. poopoo head! eh, my fries are uber important. i think they should make potatoes a food group in itself. haha.

thank you

ok. this post is more for myself. to serve as a remembrance of the day i turned 24 and officially entered dinosaur-dom. heh.

and so, a "tribute" to the wonderful people that made my smurfday a joy :

THE GOOD PEOPLE AT WOW (niki, felicia, ivy, chermaine, hazey, frankie, ah long, jonathon, michel, eileen, edward, lester, eugene, janson, nigel, steph, francis, B., etc)

thank you all for your wishes and hugs. thank you to those of you that participated in getting me absolutely positively completely stoned drunk. thank you to those that took care of me when i was out of it. thank you to those that happily reminded me of all the silly things i did under the influence of alcohol, which i remember nothing about. heh. and thank you to those that i didnt mention. becos i was so drunk so early in the nite, i had no idea who came and who wished me after 1+ in the morning. haha. but i thank you all the same. :)
MY DEAREST FRIENDS AND MEMBERS OF THE HUPS GANG (brandon, sue, wayne, scotty, stace, trevor, roy, pete, paul, mel, mike, huilam, ivan, steph, haresh.. erm. did i miss out anyone? i hope not..)

thank you for your wishes and hugs and calls and messages and whatnots. thank you to those of you that had dinner with me. thank you to those that came down to see me. thank you for fun and laughter and good company. i love you guys, i really do. :)

ALL MY FRIENDS FROM DIFFERENT CORNERS OF SINGAPORE/THE WORLD/EARTH/BLAH BLAH (clement, nicholas, kelvin, ash, susanne, denise, pearlyn, bernard, vannie, joey, cat, kevin, philip, val, and all the rest that have slipped my mind due to deteriorating memory capability that is caused by my old age. heh.)

thank you all for your wishes and hugs and calls and messages. and thank you for remembering lil old me! :)

MY FLESH AND BLOOD FAMILY (daddy, mummy, samantha, daniel and auntie emy)

thank you for your wishes. thank you for your blessings. thank you for an extremely filling lunch and good conversation and laughter. love ya. :)

and a special thank you to :

philip, frankie and mel - for your e-cards

brandon and sue - for the uber cool cigarette case and the mr penis t-shirt which has brought me much laughter

stace - for the adorable adorable big head beanie doggy which i cuddle at nite

my sister, samantha - for the dan brown book, angels and demons, which i have wanted to get my hands on for the longest time

huilam - for the fascinating solar powered "robot" plant that amuses me greatly and is trance inducing when you stare at it for too long

ivan - for the personally burned cd which i have yet to listen to becos my cd player is spoilt but which i am sure i will enjoy since we should have the same taste in music, yes?

wayne - for the gift of "oxygen" which is otherwise known as cigarettes

paul - for the teh bing

mummy - for the much needed ang pow

daddy - for the rebonding

B. - for the rose, for taking care of me, for being there, for everything


and i'm really truly sorry if i've left anyone out. not done on purpose, honest! i have memory recall issues, lah. heh.

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