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Sunday, November 21, 2004


6.20pm. still no studying done. ugh. one more wasted sunday afternoon, down the drain. remind me again - why the hell am i such a slacker? bah.

# note to self (part I) : drag extremely lazy fat arse off comfy inviting bed


edison chen as the host of mtv's whatever things. that boy is the definition of HOT HOT HOT.

oh man. all he has to do is smile and it drives me haywire. weak at the knees. dreamy dreamy dreamboat. swoonsome. i am in lust. *starry eyed*

perfection personified. *drool*

eminem's new song "just lose it" is so wonderful. and the music video is happening. he's so talented. genius!

# note to self (part II) : disconnect television and computer ASAP


have been reading john case's trance state today. interesting. his other books, the genesis code and the first horseman, were really good as well.

oh. and i just found out that john case is a pseudonym. the actual authors are a husband and wife team. isnt it difficult for 2 people to write a book together? i would think so, in any case. different styles and all that jazz.

# note to self (part III) : lock up / throw away / burn all storybooks


my mummy just came into my room.

mum : oi. what you want for dinner? you studying ah?

me (tearing gaze away from computer) : trying to. attempting to. failing miserably.

mum : aiyoh. you ah. look at your results. all As and Bs.. (remarks: she's implying that i have a certain standard to uphold and i better achieve it this time round as well.)

me (tearing hair out) : argh! stop reminding me!

mum : you better study ah!

me (on verge of throttling woman who carried me in womb for 9 months and gave me life) : ya lah ya lah! STOP REMINDING ME!

ugh. i give myself enough pressure about my results without my parents heaping anymore on me. :p

# note to self (part IV) : resist temptation to be humanised definition of one of seven deadly sins - SLOTH.


i need another smoke break. am really beginning to feel the stress building up. panic stations fully manned and operational. time waits for no man (or woman)! the clock is ticking. and i am still in a mental rut.

gahh! am beginning to understand how the chicken feels when its stuck in a pressure cooker when my mother prepares her double boiled herbal soups.

which, by the way, taste absolutely horrible. ultimate grossness. eeewww. and which, also, my mother insists on pouring down my poor throat. either by means of "loving motherly concern for my health/well-being/etc" or, when all else fails, "threats of harm to my bodily parts and/or ear piercing screaming and shouting".

now. cigarettes. my oxygen. nicotine addiction is bad, kids. blehh.

# note to self (part V) : desist from taking smoke breaks every 15 mins


7.05pm. i am screwed. left right center upside down SCREWED. ok. i need to start praying now. SAVE ME FROM THIS MISERY! ugh.

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