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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

twiddle-dee-dee, twiddle-dee-dum

ha. i am HOME. as in not working. as in not in the corporate prison. as in FREE. WOOHOO!! pop the champagne, laydees n gents! bwahahahaha!

so wat am i doing at home on this lovely tuesday afternoon? when i am supposed to be slogging my ass off in the horrid confines of my office?

mmm. i dunno. i'm SUPPOSED to be studying. i took leave today cos i need to bury my nose in my dusty, neglected textbooks n notes.

BUT. i have a small, teeny weeny lil problem. and until i solve this silly lil issue, i cant study.


oh dear. i think i chucked them into one of the corners of my room a few months ago. but it seems like the earth has opened up and swallowed them whole. they are GONE. gone, i tell you. *poof* disappeared. vanished.

i've literally turned my entire room upside down, inside out. but still, they elude me. how liddat?? and i am starting to get all jittery and panicky and kan-cheongy.

my exams are in around the corner! i am so screwed, once again. why oh why oh why do i ALWAYS procrastinate? i think i should change my middle name.


yesh. i think that name suits me perfectly. me, summed up in 3 lil words. story of my life. bah.

*groan* HELP!

23rd november - organisational behaviour exam
30th november - corporate strategy exam

dammit! my first paper's NEXT BLOODY FREAKIN WEEK. and i have conveniently misplaced my books n notes.

one word.


and once again, my birthday is screwed. becos i have to STUDY. blehh. for the past few years, i have had to spend my birthdays with the shadow of exams hanging over the supposed happy festivities.

nabeh. cb.

of cos, had i taken my papers the first time round, a few months ago, instead of throwing m.c. and thereby deferring the inevitable, i wouldnt be in this predicament now. yes yes yes.

well, its a bit too BLOODY LATE for regrets now, isnt it?! :p me and my big fat lazy arse. i am such an absolute bum.

see, i know my faults! i dont deny it.

eh. self-realisation is one step closer to nirvana. now all i have to do is handle the self-actualisation part and i'm all set for enlightenment.

hmm. shouldnt be that difficult, doncha think? i mean, all i have to do is quit being such a slacker.

erm. on second thoughts. scratch that idea. the very suggestion of me NOT being a slacker is unthinkable. its undo-able. impossible. perish the thought. heh. (n.)

1. One who shirks work or responsibility: "In terms of their outlook on the future, slackers regard tomorrow with a studied cynicism or... don't even conceive of one" (Julie Caniglia).
2. One who tries to evade military service in wartime; a draft dodger.

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