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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

random strange thought

if i could be a man for one day. erm.

i would get a blowjob.

i'm curious. how does it feel for a guy when he gets one? one of those things that cant be described using words, i'm sure. which is why i would probably need to experience it. so that i can understand the male obsession with blowjobs.

i would get laid.

the pitcher versus the catcher. how different must it feel.

and so that i can look at it from a male viewpoint. perhaps then i will be able to fathom the great mystery about guys treating sex as "just sex" and "no feelings involved". whether its true, or just a load of bull.

just another of my strange thoughts that popped outta nowhere suddenly. i cant control my brain sometimes. i'm so weird. hmm.

AND NO. I DO NOT HAVE ANY "TENDENCIES" OR "ISSUES" WITH MY SEXUALITY. at least, not anymore, that is. heh. what can i say. adolescence. teenage angst. phases. exploration. experimentation. uncertainty. convent school. you get the idea lah.

i enjoy being female. having boobies (albeit small ones. boo!) has its distinct advantages. although PMS is a definite pain in the arse. ;p

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