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Monday, November 22, 2004

raising the white flag

i, eileen tracy david, do hereby declare that i officially surrender.

give up. run away.

got shot down by course co-ordinator earlier. under no circumstances whatsoever am i allowed to defer my exam a second time. nothing can be done. sorry. jump off a cliff. thanks. NEXT!

sigh. and so now, i am going to have to blow $410, re-enrol for the stupid subject, go through all the classes and project and test again, and take the stupid bloody goddamned exam.

becos i am NOT going for my paper tomorrow. no way in hell will i be sitting in that room come 9.30am tomorrow morning. not a chance.

that's rite. i'm waving the white flag. there's no point. 9pm. still have 5 chapters to go. still cant remember jackshit. on verge of bursting into tears. eyes so swollen from strain they've shrunk to half normal size. i kid you not.

and so. that ends the chapter on organisational behaviour. for now. must start tackling my corporate strategy text and notes for 30th november exam. shall not make same mistake of waiting till the last minute. determination! willpower! i shall prevail this time!

by the way. anyone kind enough willing to sponsor my re-enrollment fee? please?

omg. i just remembered. i have to re-enrol for my graduation project as well. which costs $160. bringing the total to $570. crap! where the hell am i gonna get that kinda cash?!

screwed. totally completely absolutely positively without a doubt chop stamp guarantee SCREWED.


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