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Thursday, November 18, 2004

my new home!

ok. so i have moved my blog to this new address. why? becos of something that happened with the old blog that pissed me off, big time.

if you're gonna ask me what happened, DON'T BOTHER. i dont wanna talk about it anymore.

so, anyhow.

like my template? i think it's kinda cute. a change from the darkish ones i used to use, rite? i had to fiddle with it quite abit to get it to fit my tastes, tho'.

i wanted to create a template from scratch, but its kinda hard cos i dont have photoshop. besides, its just too much work! i'm a lazy ass, remember? heh. maybe the next template. if i have the time and the mood, that is. :p

i'm still deciding if i should transfer all my old posts over here from the old blog. seems like a shitload of effort. maybe i'll just leave them there. but then i dont feel comfortable that way. kinda like leaving half of myself behind. blehh.

oh. and i switched to doodleboard. i'm sick and tired and absolutely fed up with tagboard constantly screwing up and crap like that. its been offline for 2 days already! bah.

and now, i'm gonna go eat my dinner. starved! i'm down to one meal a day again. dunno why my appetite's gone wonky. oh well, at least i can lose some weight this way. always look for the silver lining, eh? haha.

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