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Friday, November 26, 2004


suckerfish. SUCKERFISH. i have been called a suckerfish. not pufferfish. not angelfish. not goldfish. not guppy. suckerfish.

but of course. you'd have to understand the CONTEXT in which it was meant to fully comprehend the meaning of it all. heh.

oh. and you'd have to know who was the one that christianed me as such. when you know which nitwit called me that, then you'd get it. ;)

suckerfish. is there even such a fish?! hmm.


2 more wishes.

from clement, via msn. and kelvin, via friendster. kel's probably my oldest and longest friend. known him since i was in primary one and we were both staying in shunfu.

how time flies. from the tender age of 7... to the ripe old dinosaur age of 24. sigh. i'm OLD. :p

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