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Saturday, November 20, 2004

i am so dead

i am so extremely screwed. die die die die die. how? can someone please invent a mchine or something that can turn back time? i'm in serious need now.

my exam is on tuesday. 23rd november. which is in like, less than 3 days away. to be exact, my paper is in 59 hours and 45 mins.

i havent started my revision yet!! but at least i found my books and my notes. they were somewhere in the deep recesses of one of my numerous cupboards, hidden behind a pile of my junk. heh. the value i place on education, eh? blehh.

i really need to start studying. but i cant get into the mood. eh. these kind of things must have mood one lor. if not, no matter how hard you try also you wont be able to devote yourself fully to it. correct? of course lah. i speak logic what.


the excuses i come up with. amaze even myself sometimes.

i am seriously going to crash and burn on tuesday. please prepare my funeral, dear friends. i would like to request one of those void deck wakes. so that at least my friends (especially my best friend - brandon, the mahjong freak) can spend the time playing mahjong while mourning for me..

ok ok. i joke i joke. cannot play play with things like this. i dont particularly wanna tempt death or anything. i'm too young to die! really, i am! i wanna live a ripe old age and have many many children and grandchildren! or at least stay alive until my liver and/or my lungs and/or any other body part finally succumb to the poisons and abuse i have been heaping on them. heh.

ugh. and i still havent told anyone about this new blog yet. except scott. *shhh. its my own lil secret private place.

yeah, rite. its on the world fucking wide web. private, my biohazard arse. more like the furthest opposite pole of "private" you can find. but then again, who would actually bother reading my silly rants about my worthless, miserable existence? other than my dearest, lovely, wonderful friends, of course. hee.

i'm hungry. waiting for my daddy to tapao burger king for us. its already 10pm, and there's no food. goodness. i'm gonna die of starvation very soon. h-u-n-g-r-y.. n-e-e-d.. f-o-o-d.. f-e-e-d.. m-e.. p-l-e-a-s-e.. ugh..

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