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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

hmmm. what are the odds of 4187 being sold out tomorrow, saturday and sunday? why do i ask such a weird question?

becos considering singaporean's obsession with 4D and "seeing" numbers everywhere..

4187 was (at least, that's what i saw on the tv just now, when they were showing the adverts) sylvester's audition tag. and they flashed it across the tv screen. big big.

so now go join the dots.

hmmm. should i go buy? y'know. try my luck? after all. it IS my birthday this week. maybe i'll get lucky. yeah rite. and maybe wayne has 3 breasts and 6 nipples and 2 weenies. (sorry, di! your name just popped up. blame yourself for being mean to me on msn! heh.)

i'm gonna go crash into bed now. superbly tired out. and there's a bloody mosquito buzzin around my room. i have 4 bites already, dammit! sigh. what to do? i'm such a sweetie that they enjoy my blood.

my god. with skin this thick, its a wonder that damn mosquito can pierce through it in the first place. blehh. :p

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