My Name Is Eileen. I Am A Freakazoid. Hello.
... *poke* ... *sniff* ... *poke* ...
Friday, November 26, 2004

haha. so funny. i just checked my friendster messages. there was one from cat choo. asking where i'd disappeared to and asking me to give her a call or msg. so i did. i sent her an sms asking how she'd been. then my phone rings.

cat : tell you something freaky.

me : what?

cat : i'm sitting outside the cafe now, smoking. where we sat the last time we met up. and i was just thinking about you. what happened to you. why you never reply my msg. then the phone rang. (my sms coming through.) i just lit my cigarette! its damn freaky, ok?!

me : freaky? its not what. its perfectly normal. telepathy! hahaha.

cat : its freaky lor! scary! wah lau!

me : where got? hahahaha. this kinda thing happens to me all the time what.

freaky? coincidence? telepathy? divine intervention? supernatural? weird.

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