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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

drumroll please

last nite, i was awarded the trophy for "stupidest question ever asked". such an honour, doncha think?! *rolls eyes* yes, i'm being sarcastic.

we were discussing money. started from coins. led to notes. eventually coming to the $10,000 bill.

niki : there's a $10,000 bill you know.

friend : got meh? sure or not? (turns to me) really ah?

me : ya! ya! got! got! of course have lah. you dunno meh?

*** further discussion takes place. what colour is the note? orangey brown i think. what's the size? quite big. bigger than normal notes. still in production? nope. stopped when they issued the new series. why they stop production? troublesome. difficult to change into smaller notes. blah blah.

and then.

after acting all smart-ass and shit while discussing the note (i knew the colour and the size and small details, ok.)

me : but the note really can use ah?

*** stunned silence for a split second. funny looks directed my way.

niki : OF COURSE LAH! if not they have for what?!

friend : WAH LAU EH! that's the stupidest question i ever heard man!

*** laughter. at my expense.

me (very sheepishly) : oh. aiyah. i thought its those kinda "commemoration only" notes thingies what.

niki : NO LAH! (tries to say more but is more or less speechless at my stupidity)

blehh. :p fine. i can see how that's a silly question. but to chrisitian it the "stupidest question ever"? taking things a bit far, rite?! hmph.

eh. i'm not stupid lor. slightly retarded, yes. but not stupid. waddya mean "is there a diff?" of course there is a bloody diff! being retarded means i'm *special*. heh.

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