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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

definitions according to eileen

SHOCK is :

sitting on a chair. minding my own business. watching people play pool. drunk girl suddenly falls down. right in front of my face. so close i can kick her in the nose by just extending my legs 45 degrees. (not that i did, of course. whaddya think i am? sadistic?! erm. dont answer that. heh.) and she just sits there on the floor. for like 20 seconds. and i just sit there on my chair. staring at her. in shock. boyfriend finally picks her up off floor.

after the episode, felt bad cos i didnt offer her any help. should have just got off my chair and picked her up instead of letting her sit there like a fool. but i was in shock. all i could do was gape at her. frozen to my seat. guilty.

AGONY is :

sitting on a chair. queueing for use of the one, solo, lone toilet. wait. need to go. wait some more. really need to go. wait even more. bladder bursting. need to go BAD. wait yet more. am crossing and uncrossing legs. bouncing around. on verge of losing control. BUT STILL WAITING. becos afore-mentioned drunk girl has locked herself in toilet. for almost 20 mins. doing god knows what. bang on door. no response. get her friends to call her handphone. "ok. i've told her to hurry up and come out. sooo sorry ah!" after numerous calls, much door pounding, repeated apologies from her friends - she emerges. but just stands in the doorway. gah! finally led away by her boyfriend and friends after another minute of pulling and pushing.



any and all feelings of guilt felt due to earlier drunken-girl-falls-down incident entirely erased. replaced by irritation, frustration and twinges of anger. i know you're drunk. i sympathise. honestly, i do. but please. for pete's sake. there's only ONE bloody loo. do not barricade yourself inside for 20+ freaking minutes! have some courtesy, i beg you. ugh.

oh. and i would just like to add. i cant stand people who dangle their ciggies from their mouths while playing pool. take it out, dammit! ashtrays were invented for a purpose, y'know?! basic pool etiquette states no smoking over the table. havent you heard, numbskulls?! sigh.

look. i dunno why, ok. it just irks me. alot. :p

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