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Sunday, November 21, 2004

blah blah blah

bah. so much for my resolve to "wake up early and study study study!". which was what i promised myself i would do today after an extremely unproductive saturday spent wasting away in the confines of my room.

yesh. i did not study yesterday. even though i spent the entire day at home. i didnt even deign to flip open my books or skim through my notes. nope. but i did try, ok. honest to god, cross my heart, i really really did wanna study last nite. i even came as close as to switch off my tv and my computer and sit at my study table.

but then, i lost the mood. blehh. so after stoning at my table for 10 mins, trying to psycho myself to open my textbook, i gave up. bloody hell! i have absolutely no determination or willpower whatsoever. bah.

i should've just gone down to hups to meet the gang. but then, as i was telling sue, staying home allays my horrendously guilty conscience. how so? you see, at least i can (falsely!) reassure myself that even though i'm not studying, i'm at home and not out having fun. and i'l' feel better cos at least i know i'm physically close to my books. and i tell myself that i can always study after this post/tv show/movie/etc etc etc.

oh, woe is me. why am i such a hopeless horrid tremendously lazy-assed procrastinating bum?!

i spent the whole day yesterday playing on my computer, chatting to my friends on the phone, watching the telly, reading my storybooks, dozing, staring into space, smoking in the corridor.. anything and everything but the one thing i was supposed to do.

and then, i got tired. and i went to sleep around 1am, with the solid determination to wake bright and early today and spend the entire sunday studying.

bah. BAH!

well, at least i did wake up early. 10am. but then i went back to sleep again. until 12pm. then i read the papers. and smoked. and talked to my mummy. and stared into space awhile. and read a magazine while i snacked on yesterday's leftover french fries (gross, i know. :p) and then i decided to switch on my comp for abit. which brings me to where i am now.

2.30pm. sunday. 21st november. 2 days away from my exam. and absolutely ZERO studying.


you know, if i spent just half the effort and consistency and commitment i had for blogging on my studies, i'd have probably gotten my masters by now. or at least completed a degree course. blehh.

and i just remembered that my main purpose of blogging today was actually to talk about singapore idol and the grand finals and olinda getting ousted and the sylvester's parents scandal. but as usual, i got carried away. like a leaf floating in the wind. bloody hell! i'm so goddamned "floaty"! so i shall have to talk about that tomorrow. or later today. heh.

for now, i'm gonna take a smoke break then i am REALLY gonna study. *crosses my fingers, toes and eyes that i make it this time*

wish me luck... ;)

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