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Friday, November 26, 2004

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. liftoff

my smurfday. less than 12 hours away. yay! yay? yay. nay.

on one hand, i'm all jittery and excited and happy-happy. on the other hand i'm all ho-hum and cynical and cant-be-bothered. how strange.

the wishes have started flowing.

steph via my tagboard. steph (wow) gave me a hug and her wishes again last nite. eugene (wow) wished me last nite "i sincerely offer you all my best wishes" or something like that. nicholas just msn-ed, complete with virtual rose. erm. who else? cant remember. memory fails with age. heh.


met up with wayne, trev, pete, stace, paul n mel at hups last nite for a quickie teh-bing session. felt really good to sit at hups and chill. laughs, banter, happiness.

to the hups gang : i really DO miss ya guys loads. and i miss hups! i really really do! :)

then it was a rush down to bugis to meet my classmates. picked up some notes for my paper next tuesday (which, by the way, i still havent started studying for. oh, woe is me! blehh.) and got some advice from them about the exam. but i'm still clueless. bah.

popped down to boat quay afterwards with B. for a quick drink. met steph, francis, janson, eugene, michel, etc etc there. quiet nite.

ivy cut her hair! its so short! i stood there with my mouth hanging open, staring at her for a full minute in shock! but she looks good. so pretty! heh.

steph's leaving for china today. erm. i think she left already. heh. she was apologising for not being around to get me drunk on my birthday.

to steph : its ok lah. really. just buy me a big big present from china! haha. have a good trip, i'll see you in 10 days. take care of yourself. :)

and i'm gonna die tonite. niki found out its my birthday. he claims that after tomorrow, i'm gonna hate him. cos he's gonna 'tekan' me.

me : never mind lor. i'm not gonna order any drinks in that case. i got no drink, see how you all wanna make me drunk.

niki : never mind what. i will ask everyone to buy drinks and cheers with you. i still earn money this way what!

me : then you go and ask lor. (i said something else, but i cant recall.)

niki : i will. as long as i can see you "drop" can already.

*cue evil laughter from niki*

uh-oh. but i dont think i'll get drunk lah. i didnt tell much people at wow about my birthday. just a few. and technically, i'm not "celebrating" as in "party" kinda thing. just "meeting up" with friends for a drink. heh.

heading out for eugene-small-boy's gig later in the evening with wayne, stace, jon n steph. last update was its at a methodist church. wtf?! mmm. should be interesting. heh. then it'll be down to wow for drinks.

tomorrow.. will be dinner with the hups gang? should be, yeah? :)

need to find time to meet up with my god-ma and the rest of the gardens gang. and i still have no idea if my parents wanna celebrate with me. cos the original plan was that i would be outta town during my birthday, so my family celebrations were cancelled. but, seeing as how i'm in singapore.. oh well. play it by the ear then.

9 more hours! i'm gonna be a year older. ugh. i'm a dinosaur. blehh.

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to,
cry if i want to, cry if i want to,
you would cry too if it happened to you.

P/S : with regards to the suprise party i "asked" you guys to plan for me. IT WAS A JOKE. JOKE JOKE JOKE. sheesh. my god. i may be thick-skinned, but not THAT thick! i really didnt mean it. so please, you guys, stop "suaning" me about it. pleeeaase! heh.

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