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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

4 days to go

susanne (who is my.. erm.. aunt? well, i call her "da-yi" anyway.) just messaged me. asking what's happening this saturday. i asked her what occasion it was. her reply? ""


i really have no idea what's on this weekend. havent planned anything. honest.

birthday, smurfday, shmuckday.


another year down the toilet. another year closer to the end of the road. another year less of life. another year closer to spinsterhood. (by the way, that last one was courtesy of my mother. who constantly harrasses me every chance she gets about getting married. blehh.)

i just hope that whatever i end up doing this weekend, i'll be happy. and that i won't have a massive hangover at the end of it all. heh.

P/S : i feel guilty about missing my exam today. yesh, i AM capable of feeling guilt. i do have a conscience after all! the amazing wonders of the world. learn something new everyday, eh? heh.

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