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Monday, November 22, 2004

12.45am. 5 chapters down, 9 more to go.


and that's just the reading. the memorising is a whole different ballgame. a different thing entirely.

extreme brain overload. mucho exceeding capacity. need rest. no time. have to report for work later in the morning. waste of bloody time.

omg. dying.

i hate you, wayne. stop rubbing salt in my wounds! blehh. but congrats on finishing your reviews. hope you found a suitable opening line. or did you just give up and use my suggestion? heh. shall give you the benefit of doubt. i'm sure you came up with an absolutely fantabulous line, all by yourself. :)

stress is a killer. i'm hungry again. craving for raymond's hot hot chilli. fried oyster. wait. i just lost my appetite. bah.

was supposed to meet B. tonite. pondering whether to go and relieve stress but feel guilty, or stay at home and feel sorry for myself but not guilty. problem solved, courtesy of B. who cancelled due to fatigue. yay? happy? not happy? relief? disappointment?

cant think straight. no room left for emotions at the moment. brain swimming with words and theories and definitions and whatnots. all of which dont make sense. mixed up and jumbled about. what is what is what?! so many theories, so little brain space! impossible to absorb, i tell you.

am going positively cross-eyed.

memorising without understanding? understanding without memorising? burning my textbook and drinking the ashes? banging my noggin with the damn book?

distractions abound. i'm not safe in the sanctuary of my own room under the roof of this hdb flat. noise is not conducive to studying. cigarettes are. yesh. most definitely. contemplating plonking my arse on the staircase in the corridor outside for the rest of the nite to study.

shall not sleep. am living a nitemare.

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